May 15, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

Do you know that feeling, the one you get in your gut, when something so exciting is unfolding but there is still the “unknown” factor. That thing that makes your stomach flip flop with uncertainty, the feeling that you really have no idea whats to come but you know its gonna be good. It is an uncomfortable feeling that either forces us outside of our comfort zone towards our dreams or it stops us dead in our tracks.

Ohh the uncomfortable feelings of growth, expansion and possibly life changing events. I use to rebel against this feeling, categorizing it as too much to handle. But then I realized every time I experienced it and every time I stopped what I was doing…. I didn’t get any further into my project… Imagine that!!

In order for me to continue when I have the uncomfortable feeling of growth I 4481954-256-k8128d1f5had to change my association of what that feeling meant. Instead of pain I now view it as pleasure. No I am not masochist by any means and I dislike physical pain as much as the next person, but now I know the flip flopping stomach, the jitters and occasionally the anxiety is leading me in the right direction. Because of such feelings I have come to a place of being comfortably uncomfortable in situations.

So what are you going to do next time you feel uncomfortable and unsure?

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