April 12, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

When I started BASE jumping back in 2005 I was one of only about 50 women world wide who were actively jumping. A number that is low to say the least. I remember time and time again going on BASE trips and being the only female surrounded by all the boys. Although hanging with the boys was entertaining and fun I always had a desire to see more females in the sport.

Over the past 7.5 years it has been so fun watching the new # of females enter the sport and absolutely crush it! Although the ratio of men to women in the sport is about the same, because the sport has grown the number of women is growing as well! So much to the point that there are women world records in BASE.

With my desire being to inspire other women to follow their dreams and passions no matter what they are I am absolutely giddy when I receive emails like I did yesterday which said “Thank you for the inspiration! First jump yesterday… So hooked. There are very few woman in this sport in (removed to protect privacy) so I’ve been taking inspiration from your Facebook page for a while now” Shortly after receiving this email I got to watch a video of one of my dear friends who made her first BASE jump as well!! Here is the video her boyfriend made of the experience.

Keep the amazing female energy in the sport and lets kick some butt ladies 😀

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