March 4, 2013 Clair Marie 0Comment

As a traveler I have come to a place in my life where I no longer just have a single goal in mind when I embark on a trip. Yes BASE is my passion but I spent too many trips in my past only going for the jump and I found I missed out on the wonderful culture and all the amazing experiences I could have had in other countries. Now I travel to fill my soul. I have made sure to extend my trips long enough to not only BASE jump and live that passion. But to soak up the culture and other experiences which is also a passion of mine. No longer do I travel just to BASE jump but to experience it all. Oh darn. That meant I had to change this Thailand trip from a 10 day base trip to a 22 day full fledged experiential trip! Here is to amazingness that is

Eating a worm
First Shoot of the Trip
Beach Time
Good Friends, Non- BASE jumpers
Do It All!!!

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