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When I was a kid I had this fear of growing up. My ideas of what it meant to grow up were plagued by the constant association of work before play and “rewarding” oneself for a grueling day of work with a weekend of play or a night out.  I never wanted the life of stress filled work and then having a deserving feeling of rewarded time off. None of this appealed to me, Instead I wanted to continue to climb, swim, hike and ski. See I was blessed with an opportunity to be homeschooled. Because of this I never had the notion of school before play. Instead I played all day while the sun was out and the weather was good, then come night fall I became the recluse. Locking myself in my room and burring my face in my books. 100% absorbed in my studies. Just the way I liked it. I have a constant desire for knowledge and growing as a person (no not in my height, I will always be a mini)

Freedom It was then that I realized that we are programed from a very young age to put our “priorities in order” get the stuff we “have to” get done first then if and only if we finish we can have time to do what we “want”. It was then I decided that I “Want” to make a good living for myself, but I “have to” experience life to its fullest, have fun and go on countless adventures.

This is something not many people can understand because of the social pressures of the 9-5 and doing what they feel is necessary. Our priorities are what we put emphasis on. I am not saying to quit your job and play. There always has to be a balance between making a living and having a good time. For me if I enjoy my work and play before work, then the quality of my work and the time frame in which I get it done is on a much more efficient path leading me to a life of freedom as well as financial security.

Leaders Under 35
Leaders Under 35

Having fun has lead me to a position in life where I love what I do for a living and I climb not only the ladder of an antenna to jump off but the ladder of the financial world. Making a name for myself and leaving my mark at a young age!

Arrange your priorities in a way that makes you happy and those surrounding you happy, reward a day well played with some work that fulfills you. The first step is believing this is possible and that you deserve everything you want!

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