November 24, 2012 Clair Marie 0Comment

People have been telling me that they want my kind of lifestyle and then proceed to tell me all the reasons they don’t or can’t have it. My response is you don’t want it enough then, If you truly want something you will stop at nothing to attain it!!!! Harsh? No, just the honest truth!!! You want it? go and get it!!!!!

The only limitations we face in this life is the ones that we put on ourselves, yes we might have challenging times or what we might consider things that hold us back but we are just allowing it to hold us back!!! We all come from different circumstances, walks of life, financial and emotional backgrounds but those don’t limit us if we don’t let them, there is always a way! The stars aren’t even the limit if we adopt that mindset! And if we don’t then we are not ready for what we say we want!

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