November 21, 2012 Clair Marie 0Comment

Today marks the usual day that I would pack up my BASE gear, camping gear and climbing gear and head out for the 6 hr trek to Moab UT. Why you might ask? To participate in the shenanigans that is also know as… The Turkey Boogie. A crazy fun filled 4 days of cliff jumps, river crossings, freezing cold camping and all around debauchery with jumpers from all over the states. But not this year. Instead I have reached that time that rolls around every few years where the family guilt of “you never spend the holidays with us” over rules the BASE jumpers “But you have to come out and jump with us”.

This year I am attending to my family duties of cooking, cleaning, watching kids run around like chickens with their heads cut off and oh the joys of family life 🙂 Mixing it up is always good, it will be fun, just no air time for this girl 🙁  Already feeling withdraws, but nothing a little pie cant fix!!!

Rock out Turkey Boogie peeps, see you all next year!

~BASE girl

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