October 8, 2012 Clair Marie 0Comment

I have thought of myself as a decently fashionable person. Especially given the challenges of style in the sports I participate in. One of my struggles has been finding style that is functional… That is until now!!

BASE girl taking flight with The Abingdon Co

My new sponsor got it right all around the board. Mixing incredible fashion with fully functional components. Lets face it, what extreme athlete doesn’t want to look good doing what she loves! The Abingdon Company hit the nail on the head with  very high end, stylish, fully functional aviation watches. This is a must have for any adventurous or fashion forward girl. Don’t believe its true? Check it out for your self.

They sure know how to mix girly fashion with hard core sports, bridging the gap between the convenience of a fully functional watch and great style. If I am at 10,000ft AGL or going out for a night on the town, Abingdon is my choice! Check out more of their awesome products HERE 

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