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My Switzerland travels so far have been far better than amazing! I am so excited, blessed and inspired by all the awesome people and adventures. The trip started with a scramble. 3 hrs before I left for the airport I was finishing packing and realized that I didn’t have any shoes to hike in as I couldn’t find mine. So rushing to the nearest REI I tried to explain my situation with a straight face, but failed miserably, to the awesome woman working the footwear section. After about 30 minutes we found the perfect match for what I needed. She laughed at my level of unpreparedness and sent me on my way.

Clair Marie

The first flight was filled with laughs and movies, plus 2 inflight meals… Blah.. We arrived in London at 12:30pm local time with a change of clothes we carried on and the thoughts of “why did we decide to book a 20hr layover again?”. For 20 hours we walked around london, enjoying good food, incredible company and taking in the city.  The end of the adventures took place from the hours of 3Am-5AM sitting deliriously in Heathrow airport waiting for our flight, trying to rest on the freezing floor.

We continued our trip to Geneva where we then catching our first train, then our second, third and fourth all before arriving in the beautiful Lauterbrunnen Valley.

The surroundings are incredible, the accommodations are cute and the Cliffs are spectacular. They sure know how to make a BASE jumper feel welcome. For more  photos and updates on the trip visit my athlete page HERE.

Although I have been jumping for over 7 years I cant help but still have the feeling that this is just the beginning and there is so much more to come!

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