August 10, 2012 Clair Marie 0Comment

Over the past few years I have really grown into my own. Opening up my own eyes to the infinite possibilities this world has to offer. In the beginning I categorized myself creating my own limiting beliefs of who I was and what I did… I was a BASE jumper and everything that entailed but I was so suppressed in all other areas because I was led to believe that a person could be only one thing. Needless to say I chose carefully but was never fully satisfied.

Throughout my transformation of letting go of my limiting beliefs I evolved into what I believe is my true self. Allowing versatility to become my very core expanding life’s possibilities! No more personal constrictions with my belief of who I am because with versatility comes freedom to experience so much more! There is something wonderful about Having so many tools readily accessible in my quiver.

Open the possibilities. Don’t categorize yourself or anyone else and they just might surprise you with a hidden talent or another side to their personality!



Updated: just hours after writing this post I received this in a wonderful fortune cookie


I’ll take it as a sign that I am on the right track 🙂

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