June 26, 2012 Clair Marie 0Comment

Throughout my almost 7 years in the sport of BASE jumping I have participated in many different sub-sports in the sport. Big wall jumping, tracking, flippy-do’s , low objects, legal, illegal etc. There are still a few areas in which I have little to no experience. Wingsuit BASE is an area I am training to get into but not ready yet. My new found passion in BASE is something that I have done very little of over the past 7 years! That is recon and opening, or in my case co-opening, new objects, exit points and amazing jumps. There is such a thrill involved in finding new objects, scoping them out, making sure it is tall enough and taking that first leap off the new object! Here is to many more years of amazing jumps, fun objects, great fun and opening new spots to jump!!!

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