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In a recent adventure I was asked to be a guest writer for other sites/blog I was asked to write a blurb about myself as an introduction before writing for the new blog! I was then asked if I would consider posting it on my own site so here goes!

“I’d like to introduce a (quite literally) Super Woman! Clarie Marie, one of the youngest BASE jumpers. She is a sponsored athlete in magazines and videos for extreme action sports. Read about her amazing journey to over 3,500 jumps, passion and spectacularly positive approach to life!” Jennifer Leong

Hello Wonderful super women! My name is Clair Marie my self appointed athlete name is BASEgirl. I am 23 years old and a self appointed adventure/life seeker. I was raised to believe in limitations but inside I raised myself believing that anything is possible and attainable. I made it my life goal to push forward and accomplish my dreams no matter how many times I was told I couldn’t. I grew up climbing, skiing and snowboarding as well as any other outdoor activity I could think of! At the tender age of 8 I saw my very first BASE jumping video. For those of you who do not know B.A.S.E is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth. Just a few of the many types of fixed objects people jump off of with a carefully packed parachute! It was in that very moment that the life spark in me grew to a burning torch and I knew I found my calling. Over the following years I watched videos and read as much about BASE jumping that I could get my hands on! At the age of 16 I had graduated Highschool and had already completed 1.5 years in College. In my down time I pondered how I was going to make my dream a reality. After countless rejections and people telling me that I was much too young and not experienced in life enough I found an individual who agreed to teach me to jump with no prior skydiving experience. It was August 11th 2005 at 11PM that I made my first jump off of a 480ft Power Tower in northern CA. It was in that moment that my soul was free and my calling was clearer then ever, I was going to be an adventure sports athlete! Claire Marie December 2011 From then until now I have made over 3500 combined jumps (BASE and skydive) I am an instructor in Both sports sharing that wonderful experience with whom ever wants to learn.

I have also found my second passion in health/wellness. I consider myself to be an adventure health and wellness trainer. My life experiences have made me who I am today, there have been enough experiences to write a book, which I may do one day but until then my life philosophy will have to suffice. Passion and fun are the key components in my life. To be passionate about something is what makes my life worth living, and if I am not having fun then I am not living. There are so many passions in my life and BASE jumping is just one of them. I have a constant desire to learn and grow, as a person as well as an instructor. It is my constant desire to impact people’s lives whether it be through support, or encouragement, through helping people overcome their fears, or simply being fully present to them. I am incredibly Passionate about nutrition as well as full body health. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being is what allows me to have the energy and drive to live my life to my fullest and to fully experience everything this world has to offer.

My Vision Statement~ My passion in life is to reach as many people as possible, to impact their lives, to inspire them to find their true passion and attain their best health possible. To help people conquer fear. To personally learn from all of their experiences as they learn from mine! To provide insight to the art and power of mind/state change. To make myself approachable to people and to make my healthy lifestyle attainable by ANYONE!!!!! This, in a slightly larger nutshell, is me Clair Marie… BASEgirl!


Follow Clair’s Super Woman life & blog! And check out her BASE jumps!                  This woman is amazing! I’ll be hanging out with her in summer, trying my hand at BASE jumping. It’s going to be AMAZING!

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