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I began my life as the picture perfect… Tomboy, hanging with the boys, doing my best to show them up. Baseball caps and dirt, mud pies and worms. I loved it all! It was not until I was 20 that I started to realize the appeal femininity had to me, what happened, why was I all of the sudden desiring to be a girl and a real girl at that!

BASE jumping (and many other extreme sports) is a male dominated sport. When I began my jumping career in 2005 I was one…. Yes that is 1 of about 50 female jumpers WORLD WIDE. Not many women in the sport! I use to pride myself as being one of the guys, fitting in, hanging and talking like one of them. To me embracing femininity was the end all to my status in the BASE world. From age 16 when I started jumping until age 20 I was one of the guys, then all of the sudden, what seemed to be over night, it changed. I woke up one morning with this new found excitement that I was going to bring sexy to BASE. A sport that was previously compiled of combat boots and cargo pants. It was in that moment that I realized how much confidence I was going to have to gain in order for me to be a real feminine figure in BASE jumping. Previously I viewed my image as one of the guys as the glue that kept my status in BASE, that morning I saw my feminine transformation as the new chapter in the life and status of BASEgirl.

Embracing my feminine power, my femininity and my all around girlyness all the while not loosing my ability to suck it up and still keep up with the boys was a harder challenge then I had though it would be. But to see the faces of all the jumpers who had previously known me as the cargo pant wearing jumper now stepping out to dinner in a mini dress and a sweet pair of heels (an addiction I always had but always hid) was priceless!

My transformation felt complete in January of this year when I was in Phoenix AZ for a conference in health and wellness. I was wearing jeans and heels, a face of makeup and some new jewelry, I had a 1 hr window so I jumped in the car with my man and we drove out to a local 230ft cliff, we pulled into the parking lot. I  promptly jumped out and switched my heels for a pair of street shoes, hiked up, jumped off and upon return to the car immediately slipped back into my amazing heels! A perfect day in my eyes! Filled with fashion and adrenaline Below is a picture taken just a few hrs after the jump!

I don’t consider myself high maintenance, but I do now view myself as a much sexier and more versatile kind of BASE jumper!

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