January 24, 2012 Clair Marie 0Comment

Nutrition and BASE Jumping are two things, which at first, I believed had nothing to do with one another.

However over the years I have grown increasingly fond of how proper nutrition contributes to my abilities in the sport! I wish I could say that if I ate an apple then all of a sudden I would acquired super human powers and the ability to huck major flips with incredible precision, but that would be a false statement 😉

Over the years I have encountered painful injuries, debilitating fatigue, lost countless hours of sleep, endured prolonged periods in the car or other transportation methods, as well as soreness/joint pain from hiking and constant harsh impact that people generally don’t experience on a daily basis.

All of the above paired with my belief that, “I’m fit and physically active I can eat what ever I want attitude”, brought me to a place where at 22 I felt as if I had the body of an average 70 year old even though it didn’t look like it. 😉

Getting out of bed every morning was a chore…Well, opening my eyes was torture and standing up was the chore because each joint that could possibly pop would and others that I believe would never pop…. did.

My recovery time after a BASE trip was long and seemed to be getting longer. At a certain point I tried to just accept the fact that I was someone who would endure physical pain on a daily basis for the rest of my life.

Well spoiler alert, I was wrong!  At the age of 23 my ideas about my physical pain were not just thrown in my face but almost completely diminished all through proper nutrition and cleansing. These were all things I had tried over and over again with no success for many different reasons, but in short I couldn’t find the easy button.

After years of struggling with trying to balance meals, create healthy alternatives for road snacks as well as trying to design some form of food plan to help with my recovery after BASE trips, I found my easy button!  I found a complete system…a brilliant nutritionally complete system that satisfies every one of my additional needs.

All I can say is I know have massive energy,  experience a shorter recovery time,  with better physical strength and endurance as well as enjoying a convenient and tasty solution. What’s not to like?

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